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Recruitment scope:

Worldwide Authorized Distributors

Dealer Policy:

Regional exclusive license distribution, responsible area can be a district, province or city, authorized dealers can only sell products and provide technical services to the authorized area projects.

Authorized dealers need to complete the performance indicators assigned by the region and comply with the market management requirements of Yiai Fire Protection.

 In accordance with the love fire will provide training support, technical support, market guidance and other support to help dealers grow.

 It is forbidden for distributors to illegally cross-district sales, false propaganda, and damage to brand image and other violations of law and discipline.

Participation conditions:

A company (corporate) business license issued by the national industrial and commercial department and valid for a period of validity

Recognize the corporate culture and business philosophy of the company.

With sufficient initial investment funds and the necessary liquidity for follow-up operations, and good credit status.

In the fire protection industry, we have certain operating experience, have our own sales team and technical team, and have a long-term market development plan. The company will consider the merits.

Contact information:

Contact person: Zhang Xiaoshuang

Mobile Phone: 18505529775


WeChat: zxsalsozxs

QQ: 1135385709

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